A downloadable Tales of the Exiled

Tales of the Exiled is a goblin themed fantasy adult RPG that takes inspiration from the story and settings of old school CRPGs such as Baldur's Gate.

The game takes place in the fictional realm of the Last Continent, a remnant of the Great War that occurred over two centuries ago. Inhabited by all manners of demonic creatures, supernatural beings and hot girls, the magical world is filled with diverse environments for the player to explore.

You play as Luga, a young goblin who has been exiled from his village in search of the illusive Alchemist's Stone, a legendary magical artifact that is said to grant to wielder unlimited power. Throughout his adventure, he will meet new friends, defeat sinister villains, and discover the true history of his heritage...

Diverse Character Cast

A young priestess determined to preserve her church's legacy....a dangerous mercenary willing to work for the highest bidder...

Tales of the Exiled features a diverse character cast, each with their own unique personalities and backstories.

Full-fledged Combat System

Make your character stronger through the linear level progression system. As you defeat monsters and gain experience, your character will unlock new abilities, allowing you to gain an edge over your enemies.

By acquiring materials from fallen monsters, you will be able to upgrade your existing equipment or even forge entirely new weapons and armor from the blacksmith. (crafting to be implemented in future updates)

3D Rendered Environments

Each map in the game is fully rendered in 3D with unprecedented amounts of detail.

Exploration plays a major role in the game and there are myriads of environments for the player to explore, including everything from the dangerous wilderness and bustling city towns.




All characters depicted in this game are over the age of 18. This game does not and will never include depictions of non-consensual themes, bestiality, underage characters, or incest.


Tales of the Exiled V0.27 Fix.rar 544 MB
Tales of the Exiled V0.27 Fix.apk 478 MB
TotE V0.25 Mac.rar 569 MB


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Interesting game. Quite unique from others, I'm enjoying this very much. I hope more will be added in the near future! Thank you for making this game :)


The apk version wont work it just shows 

Syntax error

Unexpected token '.' 

How do i fix this?